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help with kitchen remodel

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I am in need of some help. I am remodeling my kitchen and in the process of taking down the old backsplash and putting up new, I decided to put in new receptacles and switches. The old devices were in boxes that are flush with the sheetrock, which makes them stick out about 1/4" to be flush with the backsplash. The old devices had the tile behind the yoke and was tightened up to the tile. Isn't this a problem? Shouldn't I try to buy some box extenders so that the full device is in the box? I am able to find single gang box extenders and install them no problem, but for my double and triple gang boxes, I can't find any extenders. Do they make them? Any other ideas of how I need to do this? I don't know much about residential, as I have spent my entire career in industrial and instrumentation type work. Thanks for the help!
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Arlington makes box extenders for all types of gang boxes
Arlington makes not only the right extenders, but also makes gang able ones.
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