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Here is some ugly

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Early 70's single family homes built with zero lot lines.

Neighbor A's (right side) serviceis in neighbor B's back yard.

Neighbor B (left side) wants to make his (open) carport into a (closed) garage, cutting off Neighbor A's access to her panel.

Tough job.

Underground service from POCO, direct buried. "Grass" is fake and the feed is out from the fence about 6'. I had to dig up POCO's wires ( about 24" back under the rolled up fake grass) so they could cut, splice and route them into the new location.

Now, I always try to do the prettiest installation but this one is tough.

New panel location is buried in a back yard corner so conduit isn't a real issue. I go up onto the parapet wall and was going to kick off and 90 down down into a JB where all the branch circuits originate. I had all the conduit (3 x 1" EMT) all bent, lined up and ready to install this AM.

Neighbor B doesn't like it because he can see the outside EMT on top of the parapet (red block cap). He thought it was going to be run underground, through his planter but there is no way that would pass any kind of inspection.

Now I'm trying to come up with a plan B that will satisfy Neighbor B. After some discussion, he says he wants it installed on the wall, exactly as pictured. I scratch my head and say, OK. You got it.

Brace yourself.....................

I hate this job.
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Can you explain the situation that allows neighbor-B to dictate where the wiring for another house is located, according to his (obviously twisted) esthetic sensibilities?

Also, the same improvements that block access to the old panel will block access to the junction box you had to mount there. How will future repairs or additions be handled? The neighbor-B has to let an electrician or neighbor-A into their home to get to the backyard for access?
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