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Hello from Sunny San Diego, California. It was 68 degrees today, damn it was cold.

Currently I have a BS degree in Electrical Engineering. But I am really considering becoming an Electrician. Mainly because I love working with my hands, and doing all that Engineering stuff hurts my brain.
I am in need of advice...
I work full time at a job that makes pretty good money.
What is the best/fastest/most painless way I can become a licensed electrician (in California) without going through an apprenticeship program.

Like I said earlier, I really think I am capable of the work. I believe I have a good amount of the theory in my head. It is just that being a sparkie might be a better fit for me.

Look up your state's requirements for obtaining an electrician's license. Like so many others in the "I gotta have it now" generation, you seem to want it all, now, without enduring the mundane formality of actual training and field experience.

You may think your book knowledge is enough, but tou only have to read the questions from, and actually interract with some engineers to understand how clueless they really are in the 3-dimensional world.
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