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Hi everyone!

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Hello everybody, i will first introduce myself i started doing electrical work at a young age of 13 years old. Since then i spent 5 years doing residential mostly (service changes, trouble calls), went to los angeles trade technical college for two years, went on to do commercial for two years(tenant improvement, shopping centers, hotels, etc..) and now for the last six years industrial maintenance and controls. Now mostly troubleshooting and programming allen Bradley PLCs,panelviews, AC and DC motors, and intrumentation. In the near future i hope to teach programmable logic controllers part time. I saw this forum a few times then decided to join. I have been fortunate to see some residential, commercial and now industrial and have respect for each area. I hope to learn and to contribute in any way i can. Thanks for your time.

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Welcome and greetings!
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Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:
Good cross section of electrical education....Helpful on theis forum.

Welcome to the forum.

PLC input is always welcome. I have dabbled with programming, but was smart enough to sub out that part. Wires is wires, but making them work is your bailiwick . . .


Your byline is 'cutsy', but if not a secret, where exactly is an IBEWs "land far far away"

Best Wishes Everyone in 2008
Its not a secret LA IBEW local 2295
Welcome p_ ! :thumbsup:

welcome to the forum:thumbup:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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