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About time I got around to this, but it's kind of like reading the manual if you dont have too.:whistling2:

I started in this trade way before I even knew it was a trade, at a very young age.
I was a Rat.
Then progressed upward to Go-fer,
then up to everything no one else wants to do,
then up to make the Journeyman look good,
then up to Journeyman in 1991(now its your asses fault),
then decided to specialize in bending conduit.
I feel like it is almost a lost art.

I started out residential,light commercial and ended up mostly industrial.
For the past ten years I have bent large conduit racks in Aircraft hangars,Helo hangars,Flight simulators,and even worked on the
Aries mobile launch platform for Nasa.

Bending conduit is my passion.
The more the merrier and more obstacles the better.

I'm sure glad I found this place- full of like minded individuals.:thumbsup:

As an electrician-no one else seems to understand quite like another electrician.

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