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High rise fire alarm replacement

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:001_huh: Hello,

I am preparing a design to replace an existing fire alarm system with voice evacuation in a six-story building in Southern California. I'm not familiar with the special requirements for high rise buildings. The existing wiring is run in EMT throughout, my question is: is the conduit required or can we run the wiring for the replacement system "open".

We are designing this system as a "like-for-like" replacement to avoid a full submittal to the city.

Thank you,
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I am a power guy, and know little about FA systems, I can tell you this IMO this is one item that you do not want to avoid submittals to the city....

Too many lawsuits and depending when the system was installed ADA is required when so many dollars of mods are made (at least around here).
Don't know about SoCal but here in Chicago, it's gotta be in pipe. But if you've got a raceway, why not use what you can?
Call for a courtesy inspection from the fire marshall. Or get his phone number off your permit and call and ask him.
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