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holding in momentary switch

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Hey guys, I meant to title this: Holding in relay with momentary switch. I trying to wire a switch on my motorcycle. I have two momentary buttons(switches)that move my trip odometor forward and backward. I do not want to use this feature, but I would like to use the two mom. switches to energize a 12 relay and hold it in for me until I push the second mom. switch to de-energize the relay. I know this is simple to most of you but I'm not able to sketch a diagram with my limited braincells.
Would someone sketch a circuit for me and give my brain a break. Thanks, freddiekd
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To accomplish this, you will need a DPDT relay. Use one of the poles for your holding circuit, and the other one to switch your load. You will also need 2 momentary switches: One normally open, and the other normally closed.

Wire the coil of the relay through one of the poles of the relay, with a normally open switch across it in parallel. Pressing the switch will activate the relay, and then it will hold itself on after you release the switch.

Wire a normally closed momentary switch in series with your holding circuit. This will be your "off" switch. Pressing it while the relay is energized will break the control circuit, causing it to turn off.
kbsparky thanks

Thanks for the help however I found out that both mom. switches are normally open and it's a 5 volt circuit on a 12 volt motorbike. It's a circuit like I've never seen but it seems to break common which makes it harder for me to understand. I'll have to work more on this one. Thanks again, freddiekd
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