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Holiday Season, sorry, we gotta let you go!

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So, we are on a job updating fixtures and my boss tucked $50 dollar bills into a couple of the boxes. :eek:

I was floored so I showed my boss when I found one. Thought maybe it was a sneaky cash hiding spot for someone. :no:

Another guy, Jim my crew man found one, pocketed it and didnt say a word. He ultimately got fired. Not sure if he denied finding it or what....

Why doesnt this make sense to Hawkshock?
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It was a be quiet about it and take your women out to dinner. :thumbsup:
So, you got fired or a bonus? I don't get it...
My boss man did it more than once, another, Jim guy quietly pocketed it. Would have been a bonus for him :(

Nope, not this time.
So he was labeled untrustworthy and rightfully so.
Kinda bummed, that guy was a riot to work with.
Apparently this wasnt a new thing. Another guy Tommy missed it all together, somehow. His inattentiveness has got him ridden hard now.
I guess we'll never know.

What are you missing? Read the thread. I got free dinner. My buddy got fired.
Hit refresh maybe. Unless my posts arent going up.
Your're frickin killing me harry.
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It was a be quiet about it and take your women out to dinner. :thumbsup:
Does this sound like I got fired? Quit busting my balls.
Sounds like your boss is insane.
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Sounds like your boss is insane.
If his crew was all stand up dudes, they would have all got a nice $50 dollars surprise. Instead, he found out who he dont have to give the paid week off over christmas plus a week pay bonus.
Sociopath might be accurate though.
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