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Having come up through the EC ranks (thank God for showers to flush the rank away), I've found 95% of humans in any capacity want to do what is right. But, sadly, determining what is right isn't always simple. Different jurisdictions=different rules, different AHJ = different levels of knowledge, and different people= different personalities. My experience determined that most people respond well IF you are knowledgeable & polite - most, not all. Inspectors that don't know excrement from Shinola, inspectors that are plain Onery, and yes even inspectors showing up under the influence. But 95% are reasonable and can be corrected if done politely. The other 5% ? Had one who resented me for not doing it "his way". I had pointed out the applicable code section - he replied it didn't pertain as I intended to use a non-existent device - showed it to him, he said 'not UL approved ' - showed him the UL printed on the box - "Nope, do it my way"! Next day I called the inspection company Pres. who personally inspected (& approved) the installation. Sadly though, after that any work that I or my employees did was rejected. Still here? He who laughs last, laughs heartiest. I retired and became a Building Dept AHJ. who just couldn't seem to accept his approvals (for just cause) and after a few letters up the line, he was no longer an electrical inspector. I admit that I was lucky, very very lucky. But sometimes an angel looks over our shoulder and seems to intervene. Last - make sure you are correct but if so, stand up against ignorance. Always maintain mental control and don't lose integrity. & keep on smiling. Realize that you may occasionally lose a battle, but that isn't a reason to give up. SMILE !!!
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