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Show Stairs with landing, light and 3 way back up, circuit assignment
Light that is not circuited.
Fan light Combo in large room?
Consider 2 or 3 dimmable 4” spot in corner of large room for theater lighting.
Align lights to space in short rooms.

1st Floor

3-way and light circuit w/pointed arrow down stairs
You don’t show TV/Cable/wireless drop and Power- multi places
Exhaust Hood in Kitchen ? Power
Note Elevation (42”, 72”) for all Higher receptacles
Bedroom needs a Light Fan?
Living Room need a Light Fan?
Spread your 5 light string apart in kitchen and start into “L” of counter.
Keep 5th light in alignment to other two lights.
Move lights so it’s at least over where a person is standing
So their body doesn’t shadow on counter.

Circuit for undercabinet lights for cabinets?

Quad. receipt. at “L” shape
Bathroom door swing is wrong.
Need a fart fan and switch
Need a light BR over sink w. switch
Laundry light switch on wrong side or door needs to be or one needs to flipped
No TV drop in bedroom. You might consider
No light out back door

No Exterior GFCI circuit out Front or Back
No Exterior Light out Back W/ Switch

Other than that, Get'd done
1 - 1 of 70 Posts