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.......As for your drawing...you have the double-pole switch/breaker drawn correctly.... you are feeding two ungrounded conductors...L1 goes top, L2 to the bottom. Now you show two neutrals... that kind of defeats the purpose of a multiwire branch circuit.

Ball in your court now;)

MWBC are not required by the NEC. They are merely allowed.

And the drawn installation is commonly used is many cases where sensitive electronics are being served. Many job specs disallow MWBCs in those instances.

Mr. Deep Cover, the whole point of a multiwire branch circuit is to utilize all phases.
So you've never hooked up a 240 air conditioner compressor, or electric water heater?

Those are not MWBCs.

Ball may be on my side of the net, but you hit it out of bounds.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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