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Hood fan diagnosis

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Hello everyone we had a call to a nursing home on Monday. Call was kitchen hood fan is no longer working. Came to the site found power going to a single 20 amp toggle switch on the wall they said controlled the fan. No ansul like I am familiar with on new Kitchens that I've done. They did have mechanical dry fire suppression. A few items under the hood like broilers, convection oven. So when I pulled the switch out I had voltage. The load was .2 a and was switching on and off. Definitely could feel cool air coming in. Basement kitchen, 2 levels of nursing home above and large hood fan with shroud sitting on 45 degree pitch roof where it was 20 up to the soffit and another 15ft up the angle. In talks about getting a picker to service the unit. I am told the fan was worked on a few years ago under different management. What would be your thoughts or assumptions? Appreciate the help as always.
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Check the belt, since it’s in a crappy spot, swap it for a direct drive.

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I have never taken apart a hood fan on the roof just hooked up wires from the outside. Are they sometimes belt drive? Seems foolish but like I said I have no prior with these.
How often does a contractor install an expensive rooftop exhaust? Not very often when they are chasing profit. That stuff is out of sight, out of mind and out of warrantee when it stops working.
What do you mean by this?
I mean that in my experience, unless a better exhaust fan is specified in a GC’s proposal, they will buy and install the cheapest one they can get away with. They will install it were ever is convenient for them.
Nobody cares about it as the warranty is spent by the time the belt wears out. It’s sad but true.

It’s about profits now and not longevity.
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Thanks for clarification I totally get it. This is a new client and all the staff just changed in a buy out. No one knows anything about anything. Also, don't get old. We were there yesterday checking everything before going on the roof and the dementia stuff is so unbearably sad.
Hope you let us know what you find.
inquiring minds need to know.
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