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I want to apologize in advance if this is too detailed or wandering. I am in the midst of installing a new hot tub and I think I have the details straight but thought that a double check with you guys (experts) would be wise. The hot tub is a Sundance Optima and is in Marin county California, purchased in Cotati from Erik at "Spa-Land".
The run to the main service is 170 feet if at right angles and 150 feet if run the shortest distance---(all over rafters in garage--in wall down to under house---and under house). The run from the "Spa Disconnect" is 20 feet--under a deck
I am arriving at :
1. one 60 amp 2 pole Bryant breaker at the main service
2. 3-#4's + 1-#6 (Red-Hot, Black-Hot, White Neutral and insulated ground) from main service to a "Spa Disconnect GFCI Load Center, 240V - 60A within" --15 foot from tub.
3. The "Disconnect to Tub control panel" would be 3 # 6--2 hot's and an insulated ground (R+B+G)
4. I would install an additional ground #6 insulated from the "Spa Disconnect" ground bar (existing from old hot tub) to a ground rod near the "Spa Disconnect Panel"
So my questions are--
A. am I on the right track? Should I entertain romex?
B. Is Schedule 40 PVC electrical conduit ok under house?
C.Would sched 80 be acceptable?
D. Should it be EMT?
E. Is conduit and cable less expensive than romex? (I think so because romex is a 250' roll)
F. Am I correct that the ground run's need to be in insulated cable
G. Is my #6 ground the correct AWG?
H. "Seal Tight" flexible conduit for the 20 foot "Disconnect to spa control panel"

(the 60 amp allows for the pumps and heater to come on at will as needed)

Thank you for your time and advice!
David (retired hi rise interior sup)

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