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Hi i have been a lurker here along time and recently decided i wanted go for a skilled trades job specifically as an electrician. I was up in Toronto for work so i took a pre-apprenticeship program but due to hating the city and not feeling to hot about the JAC route i moved back to London where my family is
Basically how bad is Ontario for finding someone to take me on as an apprentice, I have my owns tools and truck as i work construction and have hit up mostly smaller shops when I have a shred of spare time, I have avoided JMR though because I'm iffy about the CLAC.

If any one from around London knows, is it any better than it looks around here?and if any one from THE PEG is reading this how is it out there because i would move to Manitoba as i have many friends and family out there as well.
i live in toronto, seems pretty dead right now, Ive sent oiut close to 70 resumes, I'm a 3rd term, ive got hand/power tools etc, but seems like no one is hiring, and if they do..they only wanna pay $14 an hour for a 3rd term
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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