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How do I know if I can use a plug-on neutral circuit breaker?

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I find the chart on the box darn near impossible to decipher. I'm attaching pictures if someone can help. The circuit breakers in my panel currently are Siemens type QP. The panel itself is a Siemens 125 amp. There are 4 different part numbers listed for the actual box so I'm not sure which box I have. I'd like to replace one of the 15 amp breakers with AFCI/GFCI breaker. Would the Siemens Q115DF bolt-on work or can I use the Q115DFP plug on neutral? Aside from removing an existing breaker to check, how would I know if I can use a plug-on neutral?
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While it is true that we here at Electriciantalk.com are all on drugs and don't charge for our services, we also don't know any of the answers to wanna be do it yourselfers , like yourself'er for instance. So what you need to do is grab a phone and call a electrician who is going to cost you some money. That's how it works in real life.
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