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Hello Professionals,

I have big problem that I can't calculate electricity bill per month of my plant. Please help me!

How many units are consumed by 60 HP-460volt-three phase motor at full load per hour?

I know your answer may be 45 KW/h. How it is possible If my plant is running 24 hour for full month & i bare to around 1.7 lakh per month.

Then my electricity bill goes to 45x24x26=28080 KW/h for a month.

Perticulars Amount(Rs)

Fixed Charges(FC) 1007.1
Electricity Charges(EC)
Fuel Adjustment Charges(FAC)
Tax on Sale (TOS) 2246.4
Electricity Duty(ED) 8838.23
Reliability Charges(RC) 0.0

Total Current Bill :

Consumption : 28080

Is it beneficial to me to pay 1 Lakh 57 Thousand Rs per month.

your opinion is very valuable for me..waiting for your reply if my calculation is wrong or any other suggestion.

Thank in advance...


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Is it worth $3409.23 (U$) to run a motor?

Impossible to tell. What does a motor that costs $3409.23 a month get you?
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