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I heat & cook w/wood & propane, propane wh, average bill is $35 p/mo.
It gets cold in the Sierra Nevada's, but nothing like Canada. Did my house to Manual J standards with a ERV
I am slowly working at maki g this house more efficient. Most recently I gutted the wall between the kitchen and back porch, spray foamed some 1" r5 foam between the studs to act as a vapour barrier and will fill the rest of the cavity with fiberglass.
This was needed for drafts but brought on by a rat chewing through the wall. Hole the size of my fist through the rim joist to under the porch.
We ran the wood stove all winter our first year here. Kept the heating bill way down, even with all the drafts at the time. My wife has asthma and that winter she was into the puffers pretty hard. We only use it for power outages now. I miss it.
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