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How to Accurately Represent a Dc Motor and Power Supply as a Load

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Hello, I am new to the electrical field and I am trying to figure out the best and/or easiest way to accurately represent a dc motor and AC to DC power source as a load. Shown below is a short description of the power system with the data that is available.

Description goes from upstream to downstream (Not all of the data may be usefull):

AC Generator: 3 Phase AC
Fuse:30 amp.
AC Transformer:330KVA, 11.5KV/460Vac, Dry type Class AA, 6.02%Z, 150*C Rise.
DCS Power Supply: Input 460Vac and 408A Max, Output 500Vdc and 480A Max.
300 Hp Dc Motor: No information available besides hp

Would I be correct in assuming that a somewhat accurate representation with the information given would be to convert hp into watts? Such as 300Hp*746/1000=223.8KW and look like:

Fuse: .......
Transformer: ..........
Load: 223.8KW

Could I use this or am I missing something (Any way that would better represent it, if I am missing essential information needed to solve the problem, or If I am wrong entirely)?

Side Question: Also what could be the largest possible load in Watts after the AC transformer knowing also (330KVA/1.732/.46kV=414A, FLA on secondary) and that the load would use 460Vac and the maximum continuous current?