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How to you bill for labor on lighting retrofits?

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Hi All,

When bidding lighting projects, do you charge the customer a flat labor rate per fixture or do you bill your normal hourly rate based on the estimated time it will take to complete? Any advantage of one methodology vs the other?

Any tips for making lighting jobs more profitable (aside from simply increasing the price) would be appreciated.


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Do you charge the same shop right for each man or do you adjust the rates down to reflect skill level?

Do any of the commercial estimating books give any formulas or tips on estimating lighting retrofit?
For me, I can put a $40 guy out there for $105.
Two guys, one $40 and one $25, I can put out there for $156 and be OK. Not making the good margin i want but with that, I need to be installing materials that will net me at least $500.
T&M from the outside looks good but, the only thing good about it is cash flow.
A little baseball analogy.
From the inside, those are just base hits with very little risk.
Jobs however, with the risk of a strike, also are opportunities for home runs and what I call sweeps. Making up for something you did too cheap or making up for a "missing" tool or materials not captured on a ticket.

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