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I am wondering if anyone knows of a non-contact HV voltage detector that can be attached to a switch stick and remain connected, even when an electrical fitter is performing stick work upon a HV line. It really seems there is none on the market after an extensive search.

It seems like a good way to improve safety out on the switch yard, especially to reduce some human error mistakes where one becomes disorientated and makes a protective earth connection to an adjacent LIVE conductor.

Does anyone utilize any such equipment or recommend any similar products on the market?


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I'm not familiar with something like that, and my gut says it's not an ideal solution:

That thing would give a whole lot of false chirps while being swung around inside a yard, and to a guy who's busy fighting a cluster onto a line at the end of a 17' shotgun, that would get awfully irritating awfully fast. It either means you stop and re-check the line every time the tester false-chirps, or else it means you ignore the chirps and defeat the purpose.

If the yards are that congested where there really is a the serious risk of someone losing their bearings in the short time between testing and picking up grounds, then you need to have a safety watch who's only job is to confirm the actions of the man hanging grounds.

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We have a Salsberry HV detector that we fasten in a linemans hotstick . It has the standard hotstick tool connection it does a fine job. then immediately after checking we hang the ground with a shotgun.


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I'm with Big John on this.

If your yards are that congested, I want to see pics! In the yards I work in, the possibility of hanging grounds on live conductors is fairly minimal if you're doing it the ways we're trained.

We do something like this for hanging grounds
-Verify you're in the correct location
-Verify equipment status as per permit (check indicators & visual opens)
-Barrier tape around the work area
-Check for Potential on all phases
-Hang Grounds

Given we're usually hanging two 4/0 grounds per phase, having any extra weight on the stick isn't something I want.
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