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You missed the question completely!! 50 years of experience and I have never seen a outlet trip.
Please provide pictures of the outlet tripping. I would like to learn about this feature.
We want to help but you have to be clear, mind reading does not work well.

Some things I have learned on portable generators. Power is generated closer to 3600 rpms than idle. Notice I said power, not voltage. Every baby generator I have ever connected to a transfer switch the idle had to be raised to over 2000 rpms. Before the transfer was made. Which is still on the bottom end of the power production curve for most cheap generators. Your results will vary. Having the generator running at over 2000 rpms and transfering into a load is a lot like hitting a brick wall for this genny.

I can not see nor are you describing how the transfer switch is connected.
Did you remove the neutral ground connection at the generator? Are you using the grounding at the transfer switch/service?
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