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Along the same lines, why is the inside a better idea? So you don't have to walk outside twice in your lifetime to reset a breaker? :)

1) The equipment and installation is far less expensive. In new construction, you stub all the home runs out of the exterior wall, pop out a KO, snap in a bushing and screw your panel in place. 200A, 40 space service = $120

2) With slab constructed, no basement houses, indoor real estate is much more valuable than outdoor space.

3) If you have a major meltdown in a panel, at least it is outside :thumbup:

Personally, I haven't tripped a breaker in many, many years so walking outside to the panel is a non issue. I also have never experienced having someone (other than POCO :jester:) shut off my power.

And, don't get me started on the wet location thing :)
Yeah I can usually tell if somebody is from the east coast because they tend to put locks on their panel. Most of them also don't like the panel outside and find it strange. I find people from the east coast strange!!:laughing:
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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