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I like TPI AKA Test Products International

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Does anyone have one of these meters? I'm considering a TPI over a Fluke as they seem better in many respects. How about the three year warranty?
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Which one of their testers are you asking about?
I looked at all their meters and while the may be excellent meters, they look cheesey.

Without actually using one it would be hard to judge, but I like my tools to look professional.
I was looking at the TPI 270. But then I noticed that under "Range & Resolutions" : AC Amps (maximum) the model 270 indicates: 400mA. The other models ie 255,290,291,293 & 296 all indicate either 400 or 700 Amps. Am I missing something? I thought a milliamp (mA) was 1/1000 of an Amp. If thats the case than the 270 looks like an Amp max of .40/Amp or less than 1/2 Amp max. As for looking professional I hear what your saying but I know people who have these meters and swear by them that they hold up well under everyday use.
I have a TPI scope-meter, which I bought purely on price. If it wasn't such a functional unit, you'd swear it looked like a toy. The casing is flourescent green plastic, for crying out loud.
And I thought only women were concerned about coordinating colors! I'm going to have to start taking tools out of my bucket if they don't "match".
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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