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Looked at a friend of a friend's house yesterday. He was told his panel needs to be replaced by the plumber. The house is pretty old and I assume this panel used to be inside a sunroom or something back when it was installed. There's no problems currently with the panel other than it's outside, he will be doing a major remodel in this year or next.
Has anyone ever seen a panel like this with a box built around and a door for access to keep it out of the weather?
And if you could accomplish this do you think it would be legal?
The home is Adobe and in Phoenix.
This is a sub panel off a 400A service View attachment 161500 View attachment 161501
My issue is I need to replace a miter combination panel with a sub panel
I can’t find a recessed sub panel to replace the recessed main panel
Is there a way to recess a surface mount panel or do I have to have pipes hanging outside the wall
Is there aclean way to fix this issue
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