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Hey guys, I have an issue I've been trying to figure out myself for quite a while now but can't seem to find a solution. I also havent had any professional schooling (other than like 1 electrical engineering course) and am otherwise just self taught.

Here we go:
Just for reference this has to do with vehicle lighting (2010 Jeep Wrangler)

My headlight assembly has multiple parts, low beam, high beam, halo, and the halo switches from white to amber and flashes when signalling.

The High beam has its own + wire

The low beam has its own + wire

The white halo is run off a constant power source (ignition) and has its own + wire

The halo switchback amber has its own + wire that is tied into the separate signal light.

All of these have a single common - wire.

What I have been trying to do:

Run a relay or a timer relay or something between my signal wire, and both + wires going to my high/low beam lights.

The purpose is so that when I signal, the amber halo within the headlight assembly would come on and flash, and at the same time, my actual headlight lights would turn off. (very common in new vehicles, if you pay attention to when a brand new car signals, their headlight will turn off for the duration they are signalling). In addition to this purpose, I am working on a project where I will need to cut my front grille precisely where my current separate signal light is, and legally I need to have a visible signal light on the front of the vehicle and there is no space elsewhere to add an auxiliary light that i could tie into my signal wires (would have been easy and nice if i could just do that...but i can't.)

problems I have been having, and other info:

every wire i have mentioned thus far runs off 12V, and no more than 10A.

The signal wire I tie the signal halo into, even while not signalling, has 3V running through it for some reason, this is causing a timer relay i bought to trip. When actually signalling though it has 12V.

While signalling, it is not a constant 12V, it is intermittent on/off 12V. And no, there is no 12V or 5V constant signal wire going from the multifunction switch by the steering wheel to a relay that then turns it into intermittent. It is controlled by the computer.

And lastly, If i were to just install a simple disconnect relay, the headlights would also flash, just opposite to the signal light.

Hopefully someone here can tell me how i can install something between the signal wire and the + headlight wires so that the headlight will turn off for the duration i am signalling and then turn back on again

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and help!!!

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tail lights may blink to signal on the signaling light, headlights do not (parking lights may be used as blinkers). blinking headlights are a life safety violation.

additionally, you failed to read any of the information when you joined.

happy trails.

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