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Infratech Heater Contactor Panel

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I frequently install Infratech electric patio heaters. Usually I install with 240V switches or Infratech relay panels controlled by smart switches.
They make a single or dual contactor panel that can be controlled by switches on a separate circuit or use smart switches to control the heaters.

They specify a maximum wattage of 6KW for each contactor relay. If I use 2 - 240V 4KW heaters (1 on each contactor) with 10awg wire to each heater, they specify a 42Amp main feed for the contacotr panel, however there is no individual overcurrent protection for each 4KW heater wiring. I have short circuit & ground fault protection provided by the 42A main feed circuit breaker.

How is this safe or approved to use in this way?

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Infratech says it's UL approved. And it will be inspected, however they don't always look at every detail and just expect me to install correctly.
I just want to make sure it's safe and each individual heater wire has over current protection. Technically each 4KW heater wire is not a separate circuit.
45A or 50A breaker & #8 wiring feeds it then it's #10 to each heater on the contactor. Maybe the contactor has integral thermal protection up to 6KW, but that still doesn't necessarily protect the #10 for overload, unless part of the UL approval determined that each heater will never exceed it's KW rating.
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