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Installing 240v equipment in residence

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I'm not necessarily an electrician, but I work with installing network equipment on a large scale. Normally I install devices in "telephone" company Central office facilities (the quotes are because the phone companies barely do phones anymore; most of the stuff is data equipment for DSL/Internet). However, I am tasked with attempting to install a device that has two 1800W, 16-8A, 100-240V~ 50/60Hz power supplies in a house. Both power supplies have an IEC 60320 male socket that takes a C19 female plug. I can't install any new outlets because the place is rented and the owner won't allow the tenant to install any new outlets. There is an existing NEMA 10 outlet for the dryer that is available for use. My question is this: Is there a way to connect a single power supply to the dryer outlet? Or is there a way to plug the device into a standard NEMA 5 15P outlet by using a transformer or something? Thanks in advance.
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Sureeee it will work, just strip back the wire and jamb it in the socket with a butter knife!

I would not touch that job unless it were done properly, anyone pushing you to hack like that aught to drop kicked in the pud! Just because this fella knows or is related to your boss does not make this task safe or even code compliant. At minimum you would have to replace the dryer socket and cover, rewire the circuit to gain a neutral at the socket "i am assuming it is wired with 10-2" and rewire the circuit at the breaker. The 30A 2-pole breaker would have to be removed and a 20A single pole re-installed in its place to even begin to make this safe and you will need a blank for the extra slot in the panel cover. Seems easier to me to run a new circuit and install a new receptacle. I would bust his balls and call an inspector too, CYA!!!

Actually, with as little experience that you do have you really should not be doing this at all anyway. Tell your Boss to find someone else!

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