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Hey guys,
I'm new here in the forum, and my NEM electricity bill skyrocketed. So I bought Sense to see why am i using so much electricity.

I have solar panels, and "Sense" device has to be installed inside the main panel. The trouble is that there is no space for "sense" in the main panel, and also no space for new 240v breaker. As you can see that in the photo below:

I'm not electrical expert, but my guess is that the two breakers on the top feed the sub-panel, below the outer two breakers are coming from the solar panels, and the middle two I'm not quite sure, can it be the 240v stove? Please help to confirm the wiring assumption.

So now, the questions are:
1. Sense needs 240v connection. They recommend dedicated breaker for itself. This is not an option for me. What would be the best option for me? From their instructions manual:
Connect the black wire and the red wire to
an empty 240V breaker and the white wire
to the neutral bus bar. Sense draws less
than 0.1A, so you should use the smallest
240V breaker available for your panel.

Don’t have an empty breaker?
Connect to an existing or add a new
240V breaker. Do not use a tandem
breaker, unless it is 240V. Learn more
at help.sense.com.
How do I "connect to existing breaker"? Loosen the screws on those 30 amps breaker, insert the sense and tighten it back? would it be considered secure?

2. Sense is a relatively large for my main panel and would obviously not fit.
Behind my main panel is the garage. Would it be ok to punch a hole behind my main panel, install the sense device outside and run the wires from the main panel through that hole into the Sense device? So I would run two sensor cables (grid + solar) and power wires to Sense.

Thanks in advance,

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From your picture it looks like your solar breaker is off or tripped. How long has it been off? That may explain your increase in your electric bill.

Other than that, I can’t help you.

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Your power provider company is jiggling the numbers. It's as simple as that.
Any attempts to prove this using current sensors will result in an ATF raid on your house and you will be sitting in a cell next to Julian Assange.
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