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Interesting inspection

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Okay, so I did this job for one of my regular customers. About twenty 120v 20amp cord drops from the ceiling for them to run off some new machinery in a temporary location. Here is what I did:

12-3 SOOW from a box, through a sky tie with a spring beam clamped to the roof truss, 2-3 coils tie wrapped neatly, down 12ish feet to a female cord end.

Beautiful install for it to be ripped out in a couple of months, right?

So the inspector shows up, spends at least an hour tearing the building apart. I'm like " look this is temporary, just a few cord drops". So... After giving me a nice list of things that need to be fixed with everything else, and by everything I mean right down to labeling the door to the electrical room. Here is the issue I am having, he wants two springs at 45 degree angles on the sky hook, one from each of the screws. Has anybody heard of this. It seems like it would put more strain on the cable. His response was if you are going to use it like it is bus drop cable change it to bus drop cable, otherwise put two springs on it.:confused1:
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use a double eye horse c**k ?


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