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I see that you have years of experience and don't mean to be insulting but since your asking I have to ask some possibly very basic questions...

Is your PV system connected to the line side or the load side of the existing service and do you know the difference, especially when it comes to the NEC?

A PV system is a power generating source which is being added to the existing service through synchronization . In you case it is 70 amps at 240 volts which is determined by the 30 and 40 amp breakers you will be using on each PV circuit that you will be installing not the wattage of the inverters or panels.

If the service is 100 amps you could expose existing sub panes to 170 amps of current if not tapping the PV on to the line side of the service upstream of the main service over current protection.

To add PV after the main service over current protection or line side could require additional protection to be added or existing panels and wire to be up sized.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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