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Is it me or ........

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Is BT and SKY crap at installing stuff :laughing:

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Came across this little pearl the other day while sitting in traffic going to the wholesalers,its on a busy road with loads of traffic slow moving

Excellent work boys :whistling2:



I forgot to add just incase there are any police reading this post that i honestly didnt take the picture whilst i was driving my van hic ! occifer ! honest :whistling2:
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Picky picky McPicky

Black wire to complement the guttering and Noral type fittings:thumbsup:

White wire to complement the sesame bellpush and the uPVC:thumbup:

A quality install
Looks like they have been trained by Comcast.
Do yours require any sort of licensing to do those installs?
They are just crap arent they, will have to take some pics of the mess they did at my house.
Looks like they have been trained by Comcast.
Do yours require any sort of licensing to do those installs?


Our SKY and British Telecom installers don't need and formal qualifications or training to do this sort of ............. i was going to say this type of work but it would be an insult to us all !
I think the big shoes extra large pants ,red nose and a green wig are optional :laughing:

It must be my age trimy , i'm getting very picky just of late.
Must admit that i didnt see the plastic noral type fittings till you pointed them out !

Going blind too :whistling2:

Think the SKY man was a bit blarzay with his clipping,i could make out at least twelve clips in ten feet of cable,unbelieveable !!!!

Its usually two clips every twenty feet and stretched as tight as a bow :laughing:

Must have been on clip commision !

I always thought it was [as per regs book]

1 clip at each end and pull it tight; third clip in the middle if you have one to hand and can be bothered:thumbsup:

Unless you hav a Spit nail gun then 'all bets are off'...big boys toys etc etc:whistling2:
And while we are close to the subject of vans !

I filled my van up yesterday and paid £1.27 per litre ( over $10 per gallon ! )
Its now costing me around £200 per week ( $400 )to go places in the van

The government are talking about playing **** movies at filling stations --

You can then watch some one else getting screwed other than yourself :whistling2:

From £1.27-£1.30 per litre around cornwall area for diseal prices, can be around £1.35 in Newquay and other tourist areas.
More jobs closer to home is the answer!
Putting a strain on a jobbong sparks at the mo
I can remeber when the gallons [remember them?] dial used to go round faster than the £ sign:laughing:

Bought a cheap [and I mean CHEAP] Astra Diesel estate in nov last year. Paid for itself in the money saved on fuel at end of march!! Used to use a Volvo estate:eek: and then the fuel prices went up:blink::blink:
oooh is that the dials that used to spin round trimy,around the time when you used to press the button on the phone to get your 1d back if you had made a local call from a red phone box :laughing:

That would be around the time when you used to get attended service,you wasn't allowed to put your own petrol in
the same phones that if you were quick you got chance to say " ring me back " before the pips sounded to push your money in :laughing:

No seriously, they ARE dials!!

It is a little private garage across the road from our workshop. He does all our servicing and HAS a diesel pump...only sells to a selected few. Handy or what:thumbsup:
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