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Dear All,
I'm in the early years as an electrician but I want to improve my skills and provide a good service with whom I work. I have learnt few things in the electrical and I'm trying to use it in the daily work practise.
Well, as of now, Im working in the ship, where my task was to give good insulation to the cables.
These cables are bunch of 24v dc and 4-20ma signals. The cable is the bunch of 30 good wires but then there is the joint in this cable . Now, this joint is done by terminal block. The cable is coming from the control to the field panel of the HP engine where it controls the RPM , rate and other few things.

What i have done is after joining the cable by a terminal block, and then cover with black plastic cover and used insulation tape & cable ties to hold it. After black plastic insulation I cut & open the small rubber hose and in it i put this cable joint.

I might not be able to give clear picture of what i mean, so I post the pcitures of what I was saying.
Please let me know if im away from the normal standards and I will provide more info .

here : Link for photos
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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