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It doesn't matter!!!

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It doesn't matter that you have
truck payments,
truck insurance,
contractors insurance,
health care,

It doesn't matter that you are,
never ask for a deposit

It doesn't matter that you have a,
fully stocked truck,
clean truck inside and out,
all of the latest tools

It doesn't matter if you,
pass all inspections,
put a level on your service cable to keep it straight,
duct seal weatherproof connectors,
patch penetration holes on services,
run a string line for recessed light installs,
keep everything level,
type up and fax fixture lists to homeowners and contractors after roughs,
and all of the other little things that make you a good mechanic.

The only thing that matters is the bottom line, the price!! I am not the best electrician around but I like to think that I am not that bad. Is $75.00hr asking too much. I am sick of hearing " this guy will do it cheaper". I worked somewhere most of my life and I am ready to get out electrical contracting and find another job somewhere!
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It does matter, BUT there is always someone that is going to do it cheaper.

How they arrive at that is their business. I have been told this numerous times over the years, but for the most part, our competitors (yours and Mine) should have the same basic overhead, labor rate, taxes, ect. So unless they are moonlighters they are either cutting corners somewhere or figured out a cheaper or better way to do the work (generally not the case).

We get this all the time, what I have found out later.

The guy was 10 dollars less an hour but has a 4 hour minimum, truck fee, parking fee, tool fee, ect....Now I do on occasion have some of these charges but I let my customers know everything up front no hidden fees.

The guy is an expert at extras, I avoid unknow extras when possible, if there is an extra I let them know up front. Not send a bill with a large fee to make up for a low bid.

I love what I do and will not let anyone chase me away.
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hourly rates vary by location. my current one is $93. but this is alaska
we get anywhere from 80.00-110.00 Straight Time depending the type of technician, this does not include any test equipment.

I have a friend that has a residential HVAC company he gets 90.00 for a tech, and pays a lot less than scale. In our area the residential contractors charge more than the commercial contractors for the most part.

I think we charge 20-27 dollars an hour.

I get 14 an hour as a journeyman, six years experience.
Our first year helper is getting 10-11.

Seems so low compared to those figures.
Rod In Washington DC our scale changes every 6 months, in this contract it is 1.00 every 6 months, plus the benefits.

June 1 it gores to around 34.?? I looked at it yesterday but forget the exact amount.

BUT a fixer up starter home is around 325,000.00. gas tax is higher, residential taxes are for me are around 10,000.00 a year (about average for here). traffic is getting worse, apprentices now live 50-90 miles from their jobs and drive 1-1/2-2 hours each way depending on traffic.

West VA has it benefits. God's Country and a place I love.
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