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Its Time For Your Mactip Of The Day!

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I have a very capable electrical tester I keep in the van. It looks quite similar to the one in the picture. That is a GFI portable pigtail for worksites, OSHA approved.

When you get calls for " We are having problems with our main copy machine or some other type of appliance , office environment or even household, perhaps a window ac , or just about anything and they think the outlet is wonky, bring the macmikeman tester tool shown below. Try that instead of pulling all the outlets in the circuit open looking for a loose connection or something. Plug it into the outlet and then plug in the machine. Most times it will probably end up being an outlet issue, but sometimes the gfi on the portable setup is going to trip. Today I did that and traced a copy machine problem to when you hit print on the computer it suddenly had 20 amps inrush and the computer would drop out. Used the portable gfi and bingo it tripped the thing when printing . Was fine making copies, but push print on the computer and snap, the gfi switched off. Informed Customer to call the technician who claimed there was an electrical issue in the building to come get his machine and bring another one that works this time.....