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I live in Lawrence, MA. I have a friend with a Mass Journeyman's License. We know he cannot employ or partner with another Journyman to engage in the profession.

But can he "contract" with a Master to perform on jobs exceeding his labor capacity? This would be the case where the Master pulls the Permit and supervises his Journeyman but is contracted and paid by the Journyman as a "sub" of a "sub".

I'd appreciate any help.


Hello John; Welcome to ET:thumbup:

I think that a master can do this for you for a fee,but he excepting the liability by using his license and Business name.

Here is the rule.

Is this a job where you need more than one apprentice?

How many men will be on this job?

18.01: Rules Governing Practice

(1) Two or more Journeyman electricians shall not associate as partners or otherwise engage in the business or occupation of installing, repairing or maintaining wires, conduits, apparatus, devices, fixtures, or other appliances used for light, heat, power, fire warning or security system purposes without obtaining the necessary Master electrician license.
(2) A licensee shall only engage in the electrical trade or otherwise conduct business in the name printed on his or her license. Any sign, advertisement or other business communication of a Master electrician (Class A) or Journeyman electrician (Class B) or Systems Contractor (Class C) shall indicate the type of license and the license number.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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