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Junction Box in Crawl Space of Mobile Home?

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I dropped my multi-tool onto a 10/3 wire yesterday when removing some rotted flooring in a mobile home. I could see a bit of copper so I don't feel comfortable just wrapping it in electrical tape and calling it good.

There is a crawl space underneath the mobile home where I can have the wire replaced (about 50'), my only other option I can see is splicing the wire in a junction box. Obviously the junction box would be easier, but I'm not sure if it is code compliant (California). I'm having trouble figuring out what is considered "accessible". There is about 24" from the bottom of the joists to the ground (bare) and there are 2 openings to the crawl space which are maybe 20"x20".

If the cable needs to be reran, I plan on hiring an electrician to hook it up at the box. If it is just a splice in a junction box I can handle that.

Suggestions? Thank you
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I can't tell you if it's NEC compliant or not, but I have junction boxes in my crawlspace - also about 24" clearance under a mobile.
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