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Just my luck

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Most wives want new cabinets for the kitchen remodel; Mine wants a total tear-out and floor plan re-do. At first I wanted to give her a "piece" of my mind about that but there wouldn't be much left for me if I did that. In any case the redo is "ON". I have been an industrial electrician for the last 27 years and so am not up on the latest codes for residential. It WILL be permitted...by me. Any information about islands...islands with ranges...islands with ranges with overhead vent fans...double dutch ovens and such would be appreciated. My only salvation is that I saved all of the money from moving the PS devices..........That's a joke. I appreciate any help..
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We have installed downdrafts in islands. They're kind of cool. They disappear when you don't use them.
Nothing personal, but downdrafts don't work well. They are fighting
physics -- hot smoke doesn't want to go down. Get a good hood.

Just my opinion, worth what you paid for it.
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