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Kohler 100kw 240/120v gen lug size+ dual lugs?

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Hi all ,
Has anyone hooked up a Kohler 100kw 1/0 240/120v generator before ? I can't get an answer from Kohler on the wire range sizes for the lugs ( ex... 4/0- 500mcm ) . Also I need to know if the gen comes with dual lugs for each phase to allow for parallel feeders . I'm running 125' away from house to gen local . It's Like pulling teeth to get answers unfortunately from Kohler. I've tried for weeks . Any help appreciated. Thanks
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Thanks for the quick reply. The supplier finally told me the built in breaker is 600amp . Where would I order a dual lug setup from? Kohler ? . The gen doesn't come in till January but the rough in has to be done next week . I have to pull the feeders next week as well . Right now I'm figuring parallel sets of 350 mcm copper . Good for I think roughly 620 Amps . That should cover the 100% of OC .
Expect that they will either be double lugs or lugs that take 2 conductors
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