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Labour/Manpower scheduling

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Is anyone using any specific software or program for manpower scheduling/tracking?

currently using excel spreadsheets and some are using projects. But more often than not end up with at least one pissing match a week about sharing guys or trying to arrange allocations.

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we use an older version of Projects. I don't know how well it would work for multiple jobs. may try and play with it.

Trying to use Microsoft outlook at the moment, but gets really cluttered after you get a few open.

I know there are loads of programs out there, just didn't know if anyone had any experience using any of them.
Scheduling jobs-

yeah, that pretty much sums it up. If only I were such a flashy dresser. :jester:
vinister said:
I encourage you yo try the newest ms project 2013. You setup a "master project", put in your resources (including work hours, lunch breaks, stat holidays, etc), then make it into a shared resource pool. Then you setup your other projects (jobs) to use that resource pool. It will help you move your jobs around into the most efficient order. I use it when I have too much work coming up to fit into my brain. It really helps make the right scheduling decisions. All of my projects require a rough in and finish stage, and usually have low and high voltage components. Most of my guys are strong in one or two areas. You can program in their skills and project uses that data to propose a schedule. Its just a starting point, you make adjustments as you see fit. Then it can print out or email group schedules, individual agendas, time cards, whatever you like. Better yet you can sync it up with their calendars on their smart phones.


I'll have a look!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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