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Lancashire lad joins up

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Hi all
Just joined the forum and its great, bundles of info, youve done a great job.

Obviously i'm from lancashire (uk), aged 34, family, made redundant from my maintenance job back in march and giving self employment a go an i must say it aint been easy getting work, i'm going into installs and testing (general contractor stuff) got all relevant quals just rusty as hell sitting in an office for 5 years, bit of a relief to find this site as i do need to pick some brains and hey, my brain is here to be picked too theirs ust not alot of it.
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Good to have you on board. If your brain can be picked. Then be sure someone will want to pick it.

Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:
Welcome bud !

These lads on here will help where they can.

Hopefully we can all learn something from the forum,i'm an old crusty and I STILL LEARN SOMETHING MOST DAYS



Like tomorrow i am working with some guys from NEXGEN Alabama,they are over here in the UK to do an install.
really looking forward to it !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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