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late fall ski runs.

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On top of sugarloaf, one of the best ski resorts in the east coast.
Black diamond run called "binder".

It also serves as a site access road to the top in the summer. Had to drive up and down it, very steep.

Left the trailer at the bottom but still troubles, wheel bearing shot and leaf spring broke. Took off bad wheel and used come-a-long to raise axle and limp back to a repair shop on three wheels.

Headed back home after repairs and lost the alternator on the truck a 20 miles from home. Undignified way to end the trip.
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Cool pics. Sorry about the rough luck with the truck though.

Ski areas look so much different on the summer don't they. You look up at a massive rock field and wonder how the hell do I ski down that.

I haven't been in that region in 20 years, but the kids are getting into skiing now. We have friends who recommend sugarloaf because of the accommodations and family facilities.
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