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LED lights and Garage door opener Hz problems

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Has anyone come across a problem with 7 or more LED light on and the remote for the garage door does not work as a Hz generated by the LED's creates a dead zone for the door openers. i have tried 2 different brands of LED's in a house and find the detached garage door opener 60 feet away and the other openers in the are do not work when the LED's are on.
Has anyone found a fix for this as I have 38 LED's installed at one job!!
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Easier solution to double-check: turn off all the LED lights.

The driver circuits in the LEDs can cause interference. A higher quality LED bulb/driver could solve this.
Removing only the LEDs near the garage may help if it wouldn't be too extreme.

A bit of googling indicates the interference could be fixed with ferrite chokes or line filters at the LED fixtures. Higher quality LED drivers should have these built-in but cheaper ones might not do an adequate job of filtering the interference.
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