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Led retrofit

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Got a service call tonight that a customers light fixtures are hot to the touch. They recently had an energy management company replace all their fluorescents with led bulbs. Any thoughts what could be causing the heat? I think they are 2x4 lay ins.
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Is there any excessive load from the lights? Or is it just the lens acting as the heat sink as many do?
svh19044 said:
Is there any excessive load from the lights? Or is it just the lens acting as the heat sink as many do?
Im heading there tomorrow to check it out. The maintenance guy I spoke too only told me he thought they were too hot.
I just was out to check on some 8 watt LED lamps installed in recessed cans..
They were almost too hot to touch.
duque00 said:
277v or 120v?
I don't know yet. I'll find out tomorrow.
Check the current draw to see if they are in spec.

LED's have big heat-sinks for a reason. They dissipate quite a bit of heat. Cheaper brands are worse.
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So heres what happened. 7 story apt building had every bulb replaced with led. One type of fixture wasnt working. It was a low voltage fixture (120v to 12v ac) that took a mr-16 50watt halogen. They replaced it with a 7 watt led and not only didnt they work but they cooked the transformer. Talked to the tech at lighting manufacturer and he said the transformers will only work with the appropriate load on them. There are 72 of these fixtures in the building.
I'm having an issue with ballast ready LED bulbs that don't work off the EM ballast that's standard in a fluorescent fixture. I have to replace it with a LED T8 EM ballast. The interesting irony of the story is that the lighting distributor I bought the bulbs from said they worked in there install. So, I poised a silly question and asked him did you test them and he's he thinks he did... WTF!!!
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