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LED's and dimmers...

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Got an issue with some Halo led modules for 5"+6" recessed housings(RL560WH6830). The S.H. I work with has sent me two different batches of Lutron dimmers:(AYCL-153 + DVELV-300P). I purchased a third trough Amazon(Lutron C•L TGCL 153PH). My issue is all of the dimmers make the modules buzz. I put a standard switch in, no buzz. I had an issue years ago and found out that more load solved the problem(one of Leviton's first generation led can lights with a radio-controled control4 dimmer). Tried putting a 150 incandescent in with the led's; still they buzz... any ideas on what to try next? The house was just finished and the homeowner/builder is a GC I would like to keep happy, and he really wants led lighting with dimmers... not sure if this is important, but 4 can led per dimmer, about 40 watts of load for each section.
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Skooby said:
@99cents, do you have a catalog # for those cooper dimmers? Be a lot easier to swap out a few dimmers vs. house full of led's...
You need a lutron MACL-153.
FrunkSlammer said:
Bet it won't work. I just had this problem.. couldn't get any maestro to make the buzzing go away. It was the LED's. Customer had to swap the LED's because they wanted 3way/4way dimming control and I was going to charge to replace dimmers.
Did you setup the dimmer mode correctly for LED or Incanscent? Also, do you have the companion dimmers on the way system?
Skooby said:
Not sure what Salvatore means by 'setting up' dimmer; they are lutrons made for incandescent/cfl/led. There is a little dial next to toggle(under cover plate) tried it in every position still buzzing... other manufacturer's modules should be here tomorrow.
For the Lutron MACL series you need to set the dimmer for what type of bulb your using and or what is on the other end of the 3-way switch. Is it a companion dimmer or rockers switch. It specifically explains this it the instructions manual. , if you did install them and they still buzzed it's quite possible they were not set correctly.
FrunkSlammer said:
I recall there being programming for the high and low trim and on and off fade and probably a couple other things. But I'll eat my screen if you can show me or tell me how to program the dimmer for the type of bulb. I swear that doesn't exist, hence why they sell maestros for resistive loads, maestros in low voltage magnetic, maestros in low voltage electronic and maestro CL's for CFL's and LED's. Not to be a d1ck on this, but you're being very vague. They buzz because the LED's are cheap.
My bad it's only for 3-4way you need to change the command depending on the use of a rocker switch or companion dimmer. Plus you had to add a jumper between the travelers on the 3way rocker switch.
1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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