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Ok so, they don't call it a receptacle or device.
Things were a little slow this week so I remembered that I picked up one of these as an impulse buy at our local distributor.


It wasn't cheap but, I still haven't installed a receptacle on the end of my peninsular when I remodeled my kitchen a year ago.
Is there a debate if one even belongs there anymore?

This monster calls for a 22cubic inch box. It needs all of it.
Problem is that I went to HD looking for a box this device would fit into. The 22 cu in boxes had ridges inside and would not allow the device to slide all of the way in. It stuck out about 1/4".
It did however, fit into an 18 cu in box without modification.
In Retrospect, I would have used the 22cu in box and and ridges out with my FEIN tool:

I put the face of the blue box, :rolleyes: against the cabinet and marked the sides and top. I cut the cabinet with a 2-1/2" holesaw, overlapping the cuts to keep inside of the outline I made.
I cut the small point out if the middle and squared off the sides with the FEIN tool and the box went right in.
I installed the 18 cu in box because the 22cu looked really big and I didn't want to waste time modifying the inside by cutting out the obstructions.
That was a mistake.
You guys know how I despise solid wire, especially #12 and #10.
I had to bend that crappy solid wire like a spring to get it to lay in the box just right in order to slide that monster in.
The device fits the box so tight, you have to make sure the ground wire on the face plate mount, yes, the plate mount, is in the corner. If it's on the side, it just will not fit.
Oh yeah, the face plate ring goes on first so, I had a practice fitting before I realized that.
The final installation looks really cool but, installing it took way more time than I expected.
The only way I could have been worse was if there were water dripping on me the whole time.

Sorry for the wall of text. I just wanted to share my experience installing on of these just in case a customer wants one or hands you one to install.
It's not going to fit in a standard box and should be the only wire in that box unless you want to fight it.

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thanks i was thinking about these in our kitchen im going to get the biggest box i can on gfi breakers of course
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