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Lighting Desing

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I have no problem admitting that I am not a lighting designer. I install what shows up on site and some times I like it and some times I don't like it.

I have been asked by my church to install some lights, and they will want my input on what lights to install.

The lights will be wall mounted above sign with the goal of lighting up a sign and a some area lighting as well.

I was thinking goose neck lights but that would only light up the sign. I saw some wall mounted lights that may work but wanted s a second, or third, or fourth opinion.

www.albc.ca You can see the sign we need to light, the lights will go above the sign by a 1' or so. We will want a little bit of light to flood the ground in front of the sign as well. I believe the sign is roughly 16' long.

I was thinking of this light, which will shoot down and hit the sign as well as the ground.

Under the cross is the entrance and would be nice to put a surface mount light under the overhang. I have installed a 12x12 fixture in a walk in freezer that would fit the bill but can't remember a model or manufacture.
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here's some random light fixtures.

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I wonder what the wife would think of the dog light, I would get it for shock value alone.

Can I get this thread moved to the lighting forum, did not realize there was a form for lighting design.
Good job Wildleg, I believe that will really help him out..
You have a few options on something like this. Rab lighting would be a good place to start.
Also the econolight LED wall packs may do a decent job although they might not look that nice.
Affordable quality lighting has some decent goosenecks for cheap.
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How about the Cooper Crosstour?

I would stay away from gooseneck. Just about everyone I have seen, sag over the years
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Are you still utilizing old-school lighting? You might be paying more than you require if so. And with energy bills set to increase considerably this April (in UK at least), and you may require an environment-friendly method to beat rising energy expenses throughout 2022. The expense of energy is rising, and there are many methods to protect yourself from the increasing prices. After April 1st, energy costs in the UK are set to rise by an optimum of 54% as per the energy cap.

Solar electric lights are an excellent alternative for nighttime lighting as they can conserve you a ton of cash due to the fact that the lighting is free. Solar lights keep energy from sunshine throughout the day and then come on when it gets dark. They are an incredibly eco-friendly alternative to traditional lighting that costs cash. With warmer weather coming in, now is a great time to set up deal solar lighting for sitting outdoors. You can make your solar lights last longer by keeping them clean, positioning them properly and letting them charge when not in use.
I just Switched to the LED Bulbs as much as I could...
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you replied to the last date of Feb 16 2014
they have fixed it by now
we prefer to start a new thread when we comment about something in an old thread
the color of the light on the surfaces you are working with is important. What I would use for task lighting in the 5-6K range might not be so good for the entry way. Something a less stark and more inviting like 4.5-5k range or maybe a bit less.

There should be plenty of resources available at the whole sale store. Light patterns and types for all the MFG's that they carry.

Unless the lighting fixtures are for me I try very hard to make the decision someone else's, that way when or if there is a problem I just hung the fixture. On real splashy lighting, over a grand each I usually sell them for cost. I usually have to go pick them up. Me with the truck and all.

Always buy spare lenses and parts as part of the original order. Replacement parts later can mean a new fixture.
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