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Line voltage clock thermostat...

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I have a customer who has a 1960's line voltage thermostat...

They want a "modern clock stat".. anyone come across one that fits a standard gem box..

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What did you end up using?
I had to run new stat lines and put them in a better location.. the customer also wanted more of a selection for the stats...

I put in (2) cheap LV stats till THEY find something they like...
So you're using a relay instead?
Yes... used a TACO 2- zone relay..
The circulator relays? :blink:
Yes... I have always used that brand when doing LV stats...
I guess I'm missing something here - do the relays control line voltage baseboards? If so, I didn't think the Taco relays had the current rating for that.
I started with line voltage stat to control BB heat.. customer wanted LV clock stats... so I put in a TACO relay...
Ok...how much current are you running through the Taco relay? I thought they were only rated for 10 amps, single pole? :blink:
I think you are really confused... :blink::blink:

The circulator pump takes less than (2) amps....
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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