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Load calc

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I was asked by a customer to do a load calc on his service to see what all tenants are using. This is a 480/277 3phase system. He doesnt want to get too detailed. So, I am thinking on calculating all 480v loads and base calculations on that and not worry about any transformers installed downstream. Ill be capturing the xfer load on my calcs. what do you guys think?...I am using a load calc software.
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How will a load calculation tell him what his tenants are using?
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if he gets a report showing what the connected load is at main panels will that not tell who has a larger demand?...first time I am doing this,reason i am asking for advice
Reason for this is,"A" tenant is looking to do an upgrade to his unit and is looking to add more a/c. however, he stated to owner that tenant "B" is using most of the available power and that he would like the owner to upgrade system to 800amps currently there is 400amp. So owner asked for a quick load demand on tenants A and B.
You should consider setting data loggers on the feeders. Or contacting utility about if the meters can read the peak KW. A calculation will not show the true numbers and will be on the high end.
Sounds like a good time to sell a service upgrade where each tenant has their own meter and service sized for their operation.
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The calculations will mean nothing regarding demand. A calculation will only show what they might be using. You need data logging of each tenant over at least 7, and preferably 30, days to get a true picture of usage.

So what if tenant B is using more than tenant A? Is it written in the lease that he gets only 50% of available power?
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