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Hi All

I am a qualified electrician, but have been working in the rail industry for the past 8 years so didnt get the chance to fill in a log book to become approved. I have since recieved a new log book and just can't seem to get started with having family issues I also have to sit a pactical test (ACA).
Does anyone have examples of entries or an old logbook I can have a copy of to help me on my way?

P.S. I ive and work in Scotland

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I'm not sure, but I sat and passed my FICA in 1999 and completed a logbook as an apprentice to become an electrician. I was then told I'd have to complete another logbook of work related entries to enable me to apply for my approved electrician grade. Then I would sit a practicle test- The ACA which would entitle me approved grade if passed.

If I could just sit the bloody test that would be fine but they want a logbook filled in as well which is really impracticle at the moment.

if it is for a nvq buddy let me no and ill send you a coppy of the work i have just done. and got it passed off this week!!!! get in!! but i think you need to look more in to it.

Be very careful. Your very kind offer can account to fraud or at the very least an attempt to be complicit in a deception and the JIB would look none too kindly on your efforts

Congrats for getting passed

That would be great if you could do that m8. and dont worry about fraud like other guy said. im not going to use your entries I'l be doing my own, but its always good to have something to refer to and much quicker. I'l be using my own experiances in the main and if i come across any problems i would refer to yours.
My email address is [email protected] if you can email them if its photo copies I'l give you my address by email.
And thanks for the offer anyway if you cant manage it m8
Cheers Shane
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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