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I recently connected a pool heater for my next door neighbor.
I found that he had a really crappy control for all of his equipment and thought he could us a bit of an upgrade.

I have seen a few different brands out there and could use a couple of recommendations from those of you who have some recent experience with this kind of stuff.

The needs are

Pump timer
Light timer

Spa remote
Blower motor remote
Heater remote

It would also be nice to have something that could be controlled by an Ipad or smart phone.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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The Jandy is available with two different enclosures. One with breaker spaces and one without. Get the one with breaker spaces. It's worth every penny and then some. Even if you already have a breaker panel at the location.

The problem is 680 does not allow GFI and nonGFI wires in the same pipe. But it does allow them in the same enclosure. So, you will avoid all kinds of extra routing and stress with the breaker spaces enclosure.
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